The Making Of

Slapper the Cat: A Musical Cartoon


Pre-production began in the Summer of 2018. Storyboards were drawn traditionally and adjusted many times until Slapper's antics were enjoyable and fun to watch!

Character Design

The main characters, Slapper the Cat and the Conductor draw visual inspiration from American animation of the early twentieth century. They are voiced by Danny McCabe.

Music Development

Featuring all-new original music by The Beat Brothers Band! All music written, recorded, performed, and produced by Danny and Mikey McCabe. All voices by Danny McCabe.

Story Reel

One of the first steps after developing storyboards for an animated short is to time them out with sound in what's known as a "story reel". This can also be called an animatic. Here you can see one of the in-progress story reels of our favorite fellow in action!